Most advisors are not fiduciaries.

All registered portfolio managers (e.g. with Ontario Securities Commission) in Canada are fiduciaries. A Fiduciary has a legal obligation to act in a client’s best interests; client interests are paramount and portfolio managers cannot compromise a client’s interests by considering the interests of the portfolio manager or those of her employer…


Most funds fail to beat passive benchmarks.

Traditional active investment managers, who try to outperform passive/index benchmarks, such as the S&P 500, have failed to add value over the last several decades. Numerous studies over the years suggest there is little or no evidence that active managers outperform market index returns over sustained periods of time…


Canadian fees among the highest in the world.

Fees and expenses have been shown to be the most consistent and reliable predictor of a fund’s net performance. The higher the fees, the worse the performance. In Morningstar’s Sep 2019 global investor study[1] of fees and expenses in 26 countries, the “Top” grade went to the lowest-fee countries – the United States, Australia…


About Marksman

Marksman Asset Management manages custom portfolios, for residents of Ontario, within taxable and tax-sheltered accounts, including RRSP, TFSA, RESP, LIRA, RRIF and LIF accounts. Founder, Mark Doyle, has advised hundreds of sophisticated Canadian corporate pension fund clients on investment strategy during his 30-year investment career.

Marksman provides:

  • Unbiased advice — that naturally flows from our independence, and our fiduciary relationship with clients.
  • Custom portfolios designed to suit each investor’s unique needs.
  • Broad diversification — within Canada and around the world.
  • Tax-awareness portfolios are managed with an eye on tax implications, to maximize after-tax return.
  • Low fees — ensuring higher net-return to investors.

Marksman offers a client-focused, cost-effective alternative to the banks and dealers that distribute mutual funds, and to traditional advisors, that are not delivering as expected.

Marksman provides independent and unbiased investment advice based on each client’s unique circumstances. We are a fiduciary, with a duty to act in the best interests of our clients.

Minimum (total household accounts): $250,000

3 Reasons to Choose Marksman

1.  Advice with honesty and integrity. 

As a registered Portfolio Manager with the Ontario Securities Commission, Marksman is required to act in our clients’ best interests. Bank and dealer mutual fund advisors are held to a lower standard of care. Our independence from other firms, helps minimize any real or perceived conflicts of interest. We make sure we know our clients and understand their needs.

2.  Expertise managing portfolios and advising clients.

Over a 30-year career, Mark Doyle has worked at leading global investment management firms, including J.P. Morgan, Blackrock and TD Asset Management. He has advised some of the largest and most sophisticated pension funds in Canada. Advisory clients included the CPP Investment Board, Air Canada Pension Investments and University of Toronto Asset Management. Mark now uses his expertise to help individuals and families achieve their Investment objectives. Mark received his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 1996.

3.  Low fees.

High fees is one of the biggest impediments to investor success. Our low fee structure means higher returns for clients. As assets grow, the average fee declines even further. All accounts of family members, in the same household, are automatically consolidated for fee calculation purposes.

“It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results”.
– Warren Buffett